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Mobile – Internet Banking

A FinTech service that is on par with Global Banking and Security Standards. It's designed with Seamless Integration with Legacy Banking Systems. Our service has all the functionalities required by the bank and its customers, with high Flexibility to control and modulate transactions.

Router /Switch Middleware

Our company introduces this innovative solution to make the digital process more efficient. Through our service, you will be able to ideally exchange data between various software systems.

EFT POS Credit/Debit Card Acceptance Solutions

PCNC IT Solutions is a VeriFone VIP Partner which offers EMV integrated POS solution helps merchants manage their business effectively. From accepting customer payments, aligning the systems and platforms to facilitate the payment - connecting your POS to your payment processor, to provide customers with a reliable, and safe point of sale processors. Our team of experts got you covered!

EMV Testing Outsourcing Services

PCNC It Solutions established a track record in the payments industry and can assist stakeholders in achieving their certifications to EMV under tight time-to-market constraints. With its proven EMV experience and Card Brands’ accreditations, PCNC has developed Certification Services to support the stakeholders with their EMV Level 3 debugging, precertification, and formal certification phases.

E-wallet Solutions

The E-Wallet is your safety device to keep your money. It provides you with many high-quality services, including, Pay to Merchant, Pay to Friend, Cash Out, Scan to Pay, and PayPal – Top Up Merchant Balance.

Messaging / Notification Platform

The notification system is our effective SMS tool to reduce costs. It's your easy tool for sending push notifications. Our service includes sending notifications on mobile phones, the web, emails, and in-app.


Hisabi IVR

The Interactive Voice Response is a much needed product to enable the customer to access their banking requirements without any human intervention.

Hisabi Mobile

A native mobile application that brings banking into the palm of your hand, usable on the Android OS and the iOS. It has all the functionalities required by the bank and its customers. The flexible Hisabi design allows quick and easy incorporation of additional functions to the application.

Hisabi Suite

The Hisabi Suite products are designed to give the same efficient and seamless experience to the customer when used over the Internet or on the mobilephone. The advanced security techniques along with MAC verification and 2-factor authentication technology, safeguard the customers identity and wealth, while the agile and user-friendly UI functionalities contribute to build loyalty within your customers.

Hisabi USSD

This is a product that supports the customer's banking activity via mobile phones in areas that do not have 3G/4G connectivity for smartphones. It works on the SMS platform of the mobile service and has sufficient but partial access to banking functionalities, dues to the limited security provided on the SMS platform by mobile service providers.

Hisabi Loyalty

A customer retention tool, this product is easily integrated with all banking applications to manage a comprehensive loyalty point program. Customer's can collect points from various banking schemes into a single repository of points and uses these points for various offers that the bank provides periodically.

Hisabi Online

It is a web-based application that compliments the Hisabi Mobile product. It has the same features and functionality as well as a corresponding flexibility to enhance features.

Management portal

The management portal is a comprehensive reporting and monitoring tool. Our service doesn't only allow you to manage employees through the structure, roles, maker checker. But also allow you to manage clients through groups, profile, limits, security, and accessibility, a wide range of access tools.

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PCNC IT Solutions is a leading Fintech technology and solutions provider company that delivers business solutions to its clients. The company was founded in 1997, where it established itself as the leader in information technology (IT), Fintech, and Electronic Payment innovative solutions.

We differentiate ourselves in the IT marketplace by providing full solutions, innovation, and industry through leadership. By 2009, PCNC 2000 Networking Ltd established a proven record in providing data center solutions and payment solutions for financial institutions and banks in Palestine. By 2010, PCNC had collaborated with the Bank of Palestine, the largest Palestinian bank, to establish a new company called PalPay E-Payments.

PalPay is the leading electronic payment company with the processing of over 1.2 million payment transactions per month. PalPay and PCNC are selling payment platforms and software worldwide while providing implementation, training, and consultancy services to a wide range of organizations. PCNC IT solutions are committed to continuing its FINTECH Enovation’s through its Fintech innovation Lap, dedicated to providing state of the art Fintech solutions through HISABI Suit. Hisabi Suite is the Base for all our successful Fintech Solutions.