Software solutions


A comprehensive Suite of products built for modern banking strategies. We, at Hisabi, understand global banking requirements for e-applications, to deliver financial services to your customers.

Data Center Solutions

Through our integrated technologies, this solution functions to keep your data centers secure and sustainable. It efficiently guarantees safety for data centers while operating.

Help-Desk Software

Our service caters to you with high-quality workflow and automation for incidents, requests, and CMDB management. For this, our service guarantees you customer satisfaction, by dealing with customer incidents and queries, by providing them with highly efficient responses for their inquiries without worrying about the diversity of channels the customers may use.

Project Management Solutions

This software that we provide aims to facilitate project planning, resource allocation, and scheduling. Project managers will be able to control their budget, quality management, and all documentation exchanged throughout a project.

Verifone VX EFT POS-Based EMV2-approved applications

Our service aims to help you and your business to reach newer heights. This Electronic Funds Transfer at Point Of Sale service facilitates the transfer of funds electronically when debit or credit payment cards are used at the point-of-sale. The FinTech applications that we build are approved by Verifone, which aims to help you drive revenues by leveraging the diversity of your customers' experiences beyond payment. It will help you build loyalty through satisfaction.

Router /switch middleware

Our company introduces this innovative solution to make the digital process more efficient. Through our service, you will be able to ideally exchange data between various software systems

Utility & Bill Payment Solutions

This solution will help overcome any confusion the diversity of the emerging billing and payment channels can create. Our Utility and payment management system enable you to control the billing and payment life cycle conveniently and safely by simplifying the digital billing and payment process.

Backup Solutions

This service provided by PCNC is your program's safety guarantee tool. It's your solution against data loss risk. Our service aims to make your important files safe by providing programs that perform backups for your files. These programs will operate to keep copies of your files and databases. All this will protect you from data loss as the provided programs will restore the original content

Electronic Voucher Distribution Solutions

PCNC voucher management system aims to replace physical vouchers with prepaid PINs that can be distributed electronically. It will help to expand your distribution network and reaching more customers.

Top-up Telecommunication Solutions

This solution is all about secure transactions that are executed via reliable and fast channels so you can easily add credit to your recipient's mobile number. Our integrated solution supports direct top-up and e-voucher distribution methods

payment transaction processor

Our innovative solution is to facilitate the transfer of funds process. It effectively functions to manage the credit card transaction process by acting as the mediator between you and the financial institution involved. It also connects the back and forth payments between you as the business owner and your client.